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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love Your Mother (Earth)

When I hear the word "Disney" so many word associations come to my mind...happy, mickey, magic, fairytale, just to name a few. And now, they have given themselves another word to be associated with, Earth.

Well if you're still stumped on what to do for Earth Day (Green Girl will be going to see it!) consider this...

Tomorrow, Earth Day, April 22, DisneyNature will release their first film, "Earth", in theaters around the country. Narrated by James Earl Jones, Earth follows the lives of animals on our planet over a one year period, three families and species in particular, Polar Bears, Whales, and Elephants.

"Earth combines rare action, unimaginable scale and and impossible locations by capturing the most intimate moments of our planet's wildest and most elusive creatures."

As if all of this weren't enough, if you buy a ticket during this week, Disney will plant a tree in your honor!

To learn more about the film and to buy tickets, click here.
To watch a preview for the movie, click here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't Know What to do for Earth Day???

Struggling with what you should do for Earth Day? Don't have any local options? Have too many??? Then check out Green Apple Festival. It's America's largest Earth Day celebration held in 10 cities across the country.

Each city will be holding various volunteer opportunities (park, lake, beach clean-up, recycling events...) from April 17-19. Then on Sunday, the 19th, in appreciation for your efforts and assistance there is a free concert!

Check their web site for further information on a city near you!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wallace The Green Dog!

Meet Green Girl Atlanta's dog, WALLACE the Green Dog!! Wallace is a one-year-old Cockapoo who loves chasing leaves, playing with new eco-friendly toys, and meeting new friends! Wallace is green in every way he can be, collars, toys, food, and shampoo just to name a few.

He's spreading the word about living green from one paw to another to their owners.

Check out his web site (which just launched)! And tell all of your furry friends about it : P

Stay tuned for the launch of his blog, where he will highlight and feature his favorite eco-products for pets...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elmo Goes Green!

Elmo appeared on The Today Show this morning, though something was a bit different about him...he was Green!! Click here to view the NBC videos homepage, and find Elmo's appearance under The Today Show links.

Elmo's visit was to promote ways to be green (recycled art projects) and has a new dvd out, "Being Green: Elmo Goes Green to Help the Earth"!

Elmo strikes again :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Iddy Biddy Steps for a Greener World...

Idbids are my FAVORITE! They are locally owned (yay Atlanta!) and are an environmentally friendly educational toy for kids!

The Idbids characters, Waverly the waterdrop, Lola the flower, and Scout the cloud, are "handcrafted using 100% organic Egyptian cotton which has been colored with natural organic dyes." And each character also has it's own starter kit, complete with a photographic storybook, field guide, an organic cotton bag, and wrapped eco-friendly materials and packaging.

What's new to the Idbids line??? Organic Earth Day t-shirts featuring your favorite Idbid. Be sure to get your today before Earth Day sneaks up on you.

Idbids, Iddy Biddy Steps for toys everywhere :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tote Green Fashion

One of the long-running misconceptions about "being green" is that it is not fashionable or chic, but these days that has been proved wrong!

For example, these fabulous tote bags sold at Nordstrom.com. Juicy, Dogeared, and Vert all have eco-themed bags for sale on Nordstrom's site. Tote bags such as these show that they can be used for more than just carrying groceries. I use them to carry out my recycling, when I run other errands (drugstore, blockbuster, etc.) and as a purse!

The Vert bags are made from organic cotton, but all of the bags sport fun Earthy-friendly phrases, such as, "I Might Like You Better If You Recycled," "Give Green a Chance," and "Viva la Green!"

Check them all out here!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Or shall I say, Plastic Water Bottles everywhere. Statistics (from Earth911.com) show that in 2006, Americans drank about 167 bottles of water each but only recycled an average of 23 percent. That leaves 38 billion water bottles in landfills each year. What's even worse? Plastic bottles take 700 years before they begin to decompose in a landfill.

These are numbers that simply cannot be ignored. If you haven't already, go out today and buy a reusable bottle (preferably that is BPA free).

Our top pick...Gaiam's Tree of Life Aluminum Water Bottle. It's chic, it's green, and it's aluminum, so you don't have to worry about any plastic residue or BPA's!

Make this your next step to being a little bit greener. Plus, I learned I drink a lot more water when I have one of these with me at all times.